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We help you create the best Strategic Plan, Resource & Execution

Market Research

We provide you with customized research services able to address business challenges and proffer affordable solutions through qualitative and quantitative research.

Market Comms

We deliver cutting edge services when it comes to delivering on your marketing communications objectives by providing an integrated approach to deliver

Business Consultancy

Whatever the unique need you may have with your business, We have ad-hoc solutions fitted to your budget. Send us your brief and we will reach out within 24hrs

About Business

Watch a more detailed profile of the services we are able to offer you. We will give you optimized returns, while helping your business deliver the best value to your clients. Call us and access a free consultation with our  professional, business advisors and portfolio managers. 

Content Writing









Are you looking to create content for your business and its become an overwhelming task? At MarkMonitor Consulting, we are able to help you create content based on your needs.

Our content writing services offer you options that will deliver the greatest return for your business. This may include a blend of blogging, email, social media,  and premium content writing. Our suggestion is that of revisiting your brand buyer persona to determine the type of content that is best fit  for your target audience and create the right content and conversations that will engage them and ultimately result in a conversion and trial.



Dolapo is an strategic insights expert who has contributed to the building and revamping of various local and global brands and businesses.

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